How I was able to see any private album in Picturepush — IDOR

Murtada Kamil
2 min readMay 23, 2018


Hi Guys,

My Name is Murtada Kamil, I am a bug hunter from Iraq

This is my first write up, and I would like to share with you my bug that I found in picturepush through their bug bounty program

During my recent bug bounty hunt, I came across a critical and yet simple vulnerability.this bug made me able to read any victim album password

[Insecure Direct Object References]

Proof of concept (PoC)

1-Create Account & Login

2-Create Album and protect it with Password

click on create album

3-go to our private album that we created
4- click on album options then Access Rights

5-it will redirect to

alid:[id of album]

6-Change alid to victime album id

we have the password now !


30/9/2017 -Report Sent

1/10/2017-Bug Fixed& Hall of fame

23/5/2018-Report disclosure

Thanks for reading!